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Uncompromised safety

We are FORS Silver accredited & CLOCS Road Transport Operators.

Our number one commitment is safety. We understand that the transport of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles require absolute precision and unparalleled expertise.

This is why we enforce rigorous safety protocols in every service.

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Specialised consultation and tailored equipment provision

At AR Banks, we transcend the role of equipment or vehicle provider; we are your strategic collaborators in project management. Our experienced professionals possess in-depth knowledge of the construction industry.

We collaborate with you, fully understanding your project needs and nuances, while customising our services accordingly.

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Optimised vehicles for your requirements

Our diverse array of heavy haulage vehicles and state-of-the-art equipment is ready and waiting for you to use for your project. Some of the vehicles we have available for use are:

Flatbed Trucks

Perfect for transporting large steel beams, columns, and plates, our flatbed trucks securely accommodate and transport your invaluable steel components.

Low Loaders

Essential for moving hefty machinery to your construction site. Our low loaders can manage oversized and heavy loads effortlessly.

Crane Trucks

For when you need precision lifting and positioning heavy steel elements, our crane trucks fit the bill. Offering essential reach and lifting capacity to execute tasks efficiently.

Specialised Trailers

We have a variety of specialised trailers designed to transport specific equipment types. From steel coils, prefabricated components to on-site vehicles, we have the trailer to suit your needs.

Rigorous safety and risk assessments

As reiterated, safety forms the heart of our operations. Before initiating any transportation endeavour, we offer to execute exhaustive risk assessments. This allows us to detect potential hazards and deploy measures to reduce risks during transit.

Not only keeping you safe, but saving you time and money with a proactive approach.

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Skilled drivers and an expert team

Our team is built up with skilled drivers and experienced crew members with broad experience in heavy haulage. Their knowledge extends beyond correctly securing and loading the equipment due to our extensive training and ongoing support.

This guarantees you a seamless and safe journey to your construction site.

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Committed customer support

Construction projects are often challenging, and unexpected obstacles may occur. This is why we focus on exceptional customer support. We are always just a phone call away for any assistance you may require.

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When you're in need of a trustworthy and reliable heavy haulage and vehicle hire company that understands and facilitates the intricate dynamics of building steel support structures, AR Banks is here for you.

Equipped with expertise, an extensive fleet, and a passion for excellence, we're poised to propel your construction project to new heights.

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