The right vehicle and equipment

At AR Banks, we recognize that building concrete bases requires the hire and usage of specific, specialised vehicles and equipment. From concrete pumper trucks for difficult-to-reach locations to volumetric concrete mixers for precise, on-site mixing and delivery.

Our diverse fleet can meet your needs. Need an excavator for site preparation, a bulldozer for levelling, or a mobile crane for positioning large forms? We have these and many more pieces of heavy machinery ready for your project.

Leverage our experience to ensure you get the right equipment so you are set up for success.

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Safety first

We are FORS Silver accredited & CLOCS Road Transport Operators.

Your safety, the safety of our team, and the safety of the public are always at the forefront of our operations.

We ensure the highest levels of safety by maintaining our fleet to the exceptional standards, regularly servicing our vehicles, and fitting them with modern safety features such as backup cameras and stability control systems.

Our team of experienced drivers and operators receive continuous training in load management and navigation across diverse terrains, from city streets to rugged construction sites.

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Risk assessments for your needs

Each construction project brings its unique challenges and potential hazards. Recognizing this, we offer rigorous risk assessments for any and all transportation tasks. These assessments involve identifying potential obstacles, environmental factors, and other risks.

With our detailed reports, we develop and implement bespoke safety protocols to reduce and mitigate risks. Our team works to ensure a smooth, incident-free journey for your equipment.

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Project management expertise

Building concrete bases involves complex logistics and requires extensive industry knowledge. Our years of experience have equipped us with an understanding of every aspect of the construction process.

We offer more than vehicle hire; we are able to understand the nuances of each project and assist you with project management related to the hire and use of our fleet. This ranges from logistical planning and route optimization for the safe and efficient transport of your equipment to coordinating schedules to minimise downtime.

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Why choose AR Banks?


We take pride in honouring our commitments and delivering your equipment on time. This means your construction project stays on schedule, avoiding costly delays.


We know that construction projects can change on a coin toss based on various reasons, even the weather can impact a project. Our flexible rental options allow you to adapt your vehicle and equipment needs as your project evolves.

Competitive Pricing

At AR Banks, we provide superior service at competitive prices, without compromising on safety and efficiency.

Customer first approach

 Our approach focuses on our customers and their needs. We listen to you, answer your questions, and customise our services to ensure we're meeting, and exceeding, your expectations.

Industry experts

Our long-standing presence in the heavy haulage and vehicle hire industry has earned us the trust of countless contractors who depend on our expertise, reliability, and knowledge.

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Whether you're laying concrete bases for residential projects, commercial buildings, or industrial infrastructure, AR Banks is here to support you at each step. Our robust and extensive fleet of vehicles, top-of-the-line equipment, and commitment to safety, you can focus on the construction process.

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