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Optimal vehicle and equipment selection

Success in construction projects heavily revolves around the right selection of vehicles and equipment. At AR Banks, we offer an expansive inventory of heavy haulage vehicles and specialised equipment, customised to suit the exact demands of your project.

From transportation for large-scale building materials or heavy machinery, we ensure you're equipped for the job.

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Safety is essential

We are FORS Silver accredited & CLOCS Road Transport Operators.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do, not only are we FORS silver accredited and CLOCS road transport operators, but at AR Banks, we conduct meticulous maintenance and rigorous inspections of our vehicles and equipment. Going above and beyond compliance and regulatory standards. With AR Banks you are guaranteed to be me with the highest safety protocols.

Our seasoned drivers and operators are well-versed in managing diverse types of cargo and challenging terrains, guaranteeing safe operations.

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Comprehensive risk assessments and regulatory compliance

Every project brings along its unique set of challenges. Our expert team is able to conduct exhaustive risk assessments to highlight potential hazards and devise detailed strategies to reduce or mitigate these risks.

Our unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance ensures adherence to all industry norms and guidelines and more. At AR Banks, we are paving the way for a smooth and lawful transportation process.

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Skilled project management support

With our industry expertise and knowledge, AR Banks extend beyond providing vehicles and equipment, incorporating comprehensive project management support. We invest time in grasping your project's requirements, timelines, and logistical considerations, enabling us to fine-tune our services to suit your exact needs.

Our proactive experts anticipate and mitigate potential issues, ensuring your project stays on course and within budgetary constraints.

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How AR Banks works with you



Our process starts by investing quality time in understanding your building alteration project's scope. This allows us to suggest the most suitable vehicles and equipment for your exact needs.


Our team collaborates with you to design a detailed transportation strategy. Including evaluating logistics, timelines, and potential impediments. This results in a streamlined and efficient project blueprint. So you know what to expect and when.


With a finalised plan, our skilled drivers and operators handle your cargo transportation. Leveraging our state-of-the-art and well-serviced fleet, we ensure a safe and expertly timed delivery of your materials and machinery.

Consistent Support

Throughout the project, we maintain transparent communication and provide real-time updates. Our proactive approach facilitates efficient action against unforeseen complications, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

Great Solution for Large and Small Business Requirements

If you're scouting for a dependable heavy haulage and vehicle hire partner for your building alteration project, your search ends at AR Banks.

We bring together expertise, high end equipment, and a commitment to excellence to transform your project into a success.

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